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Assessment Tools : Psychometric vs. Simulation Assessments


For years industrial psychologists and human resource professionals have been keen proponents of the use of Psychometric Assessment tools for assessing and evaluating candidates for new roles within their organizations. The cost of hiring mistakes have forced forward thinking organizations to find new and innovative ways to better understand a candidate’s capabilities outside of the traditional interview. For those organizations serious about getting the hiring right, the interview alone will not cut it anymore! There is just too much risk when hiring is based on interviews alone!

rsz_presentation_meetingStepping back and reviewing the results of these types of assessment tools over the years has shown hiring teams and managers that there is a need for a next level of assessment tools to be implemented into the hiring process to ensure better quality of candidates being hired. Hiring Simulations, Sales Assessments or Job Simulation (sometimes known as In-tray exercises) have been around for many years, however, these forms of assessment tools have never been widely accepted or implemented – until now.

The question becomes, “Which assessment tools should the hiring team use?” Psychometric or Simulation Assessment tools? Both sides of the assessment world can debate this question but the true answer may lie in the successful implementation of both assessments at the same time to gain a more risk tolerant hiring decision.

By implementing both assessment tools, a holistic approach to hiring can be obtained. The psychometric assessment tool can be a great asset to hiring teams to assist them in short listing candidates who fall into the right competency, attribute, and behavioural range for the role while Hiring Simulations (Job Simulation) can then be successfully utilized to Test Drive or see the short listed candidates in action before a hiring decision is made. We can send you a great whitepaper to review this topic. Contact us to get your copy of the whitepaper today!

sales1Cost is always a consideration in any hiring process when an assessment tool(s) is being added to the mix. Adding both assessment tools will require additional investment by the hiring team, however, the end result of a successful hire far outweighs the additional cost of implementing both assessment tools during the hiring process.

Craig Bissett is the President of Hire Results Ltd – developers of the Hiring Simulation Assessment process.

Assessment Tools : Psychometric vs. Simulation Assessments
Craig Bissett

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Craig Bissett is the President of Hire Results Ltd – the developers of the Hiring Simulation Assessment process. Allowing hiring teams to Test Drive candidates before they are hired.  Craig has been actively involved in the Human Capital marketplace since 1986. He has had roles as a General Manager and Partner with progressive Human Capital firms. In 2002 Craig left his partnership to start Hire Results Ltd. Since then the company has worked with organizations throughout North America through its innovative Hiring Simulation Assessment process. As the founder of Hire Results Ltd., I welcome the opportunity to assist and impact your organization through our Hiring Simulation Assessment process.
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