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Pre-Employment Testing

Importance of Pre-Employment Testing Pre-Employment testing are tests used by employers to screen applicants before hiring them. The types of pre-employment testing can vary in nature, but allow both potential employers and candidates to make the best possible decisions when hiring…

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Test Drive Your Next Candidate

Welcome to the Hiring Simulation System! We make hiring exciting & profitable by TEST DRIVING candidates before the offer! Hire Results Ltd’s Hiring Simulation Assessment™ web enabled system was created to reshape the way organizations select and hire key performers.  Our number…

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Message From the President

New hires must produce results – not just interview well! The need for results oriented professionals who are able to execute and perform at the levels for which they were hired is one of the biggest discussions around our client’s…

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Basics of Selling

We all know the basics of selling. Even with the use of web enabled tool and strong SEO strategies, the basics of selling don’t change. Your sales people still have to talk to your prospect, ask the right questions, deliver…

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Case Study – Promoting

This blog post is a follow up to a recent article we wrote on “Advancing Salespeople to Managers – who do you promote”. If you have not read this post please refer back to the article http://hiringsimulation.com/english/advancing-salespeople-managers-promote From this post…

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