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Before using the Hiring Simulation Assessments system we made many hiring mistakes. The HSA system truly allows us to “test drive” the candidate before we hire. It also gives the candidate the opportunity to get to know the company, the product and play the role of the position which has given us a faster ramp up time on hiring….they hit the ground running!!

Paul Lawlor – Vice President, N/A Sales – Primex Wireless

The Hiring Simulation Assessment (HSA) system has allowed our hiring team to see candidates in action and allows our hiring teams to make logical hiring decisions. Through this hiring system we now have the ability to pinpoint and quantify reasons for our intuition or gut instinct. I highly recommend Hire Results Ltd and their Hiring Simulation Assessment system to any organization who is concerned about getting the hiring right the first time.

Paul Shekoski – CEO and President – Primex Wireless

The Hiring Simulation offered by the very good people at Hire Results Ltd. is brilliant. It is a common sense approach. It is simple. The Hiring Simulation is and should be, as far as I am concerned, an essential part of any hiring process. The team at Hire Results is very professional, helpful and very responsive. Hiring to find a goodness of fit is not simple. It is actually quite a risky proposition. Running a simulation where key elements are scored is a fantastic way to manage and mitigate a lot of the risk inherent in the hiring process. We use a variety of hiring tools. This is different. A “test drive” for both the applicant and the party doing the hiring is a great idea and reveals, in advance, many things that go unnoticed in other hiring approaches.

I highly recommend the Hiring Simulation offered by Hire Results Ltd.

Tony Ramolo | Director of Sales | Manulife

Hire Results Ltd. provided us with a whole new way of assessing employees…..We would recommend any company who wants to reduce the risks in their hiring to use the Search and Hiring Simulation™ method.

J.McFarlane, President

The Search and Hiring Simulation™ program has dramatically improved the efficiency of our company wide hiring practices ….Hire Results clearly understands that past performance does not guarantee future performance and that the traditional interview process is an inadequate assessor of role/candidate fit.

M. Verdun, President/CEO

On multiple occasions, the candidate I would have hired was different than the candidate I ultimately chose after putting them through the Hiring Simulation™ process. This program really does lower the risk of hiring a new sales person. You have been instrumental in helping us build a great sales team!

C. Winchell, Director – Sales/Business Development