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Campus Recruitment – How do you Identify Potential?

campus recruitment

Campus recruitment is an important part of succession planning. Recent University graduates make up the bulk of entry level jobs and companies will invest large sums of money into these individuals – they are indeed the future of your company!

Campus Recruitment Process

The campus recruitment process for most large organizations looks like this. Attend X school’s job fair, meet and greet students, build a great reputation, post jobs, sift through thousands of resumes, interview a short list, and from that list hopefully find the right candidate for the role.

For the most part, students are invited to an interview because of their past work experience. Jimmy has excellent work experience – his dad has multiple connections to the business world and this has allowed Jimmy to secure great summer jobs. Jimmy has a great looking resume and that all essential work experience. How does your campus recruitment team judge whether or not Jimmy can actually perform on the job and does he have the potential to continue growing and learning?

To contrast Jimmy’s experience, Billy didn’t have any connections to a great summer job. Billy ended up working at a garden centre and never got the chance to put a fortune 500 company on his resume, but he certainly has optimum drive, work ethic and intellect. How do you determine who might be the better candidate?

graduation studentsWhat companies are beginning to realize is that there are a lot of young people out there who have the potential to do great things for their company but just haven’t been given the chance. This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t have the right companies/jobs on their resume. What if there was a way to see past the resume/interview and uncover the potential that would have otherwise been buried in a pile of applications?

Since 2002, Hire Results Ltd has been creating Hiring Simulation Assessments to allow our clients to see potential in a candidate. These job simulations/ in-tray exercises allow the candidate and client to engage in a real business setting allowing the client to see what kind of a person they are and how they interact with others. This simply cannot be done by only using the resume and interview as a hiring process.

Young candidates need the chance to prove they have potential and the ability to learn but are they being given the opportunity?

How is campus recruitment structured within your company?

Test Drive Your Next Graduate

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Campus Recruitment – How do you Identify Potential?
Kyle Bissett

By Kyle Bissett Visit author's website

Kyle works with all levels of organizations to assist in their hiring needs through the Hiring Simulation Assessment process. Kyle is a graduate of Guelph University. Before joining Hire Results Ltd Kyle worked with Young Life Canada.
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