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Potential is defined as latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. Recent university graduates are the key to any company’s future success. All graduates have potential but how do you identify those with the right potential for the specific role within your company? Interviews and resumes do not allow hiring teams to see a candidate’s potential. Hiring teams need to begin to allow graduates to move beyond the tradition interview process and engage in real life business settings – as if they are currently working in the role for which they are being considered. How does a resume or summer experience assist the hiring team in hiring the best candidates with the greatest potential or success? By only screening resumes and conducting interviews, hiring teams may be missing out on some of the best candidates with the greatest potential.

Since 2002, Hire Results Ltd. has worked with companies of all sizes across North America, helping them to make smart rather than emotional business decisions, when hiring key individuals that will have a direct impact on the bottom line of their business.  The same proprietary hiring simulation process has been reengineered to meet the ever growing demand for hiring teams to hire the best university graduate with the most potential for success.

Recent graduate’s resumes carry too much weight and too much emphasis is put on the candidate’s ability to interview well. Hiring teams need to remember, these are graduating candidates who may or may not have strong interviewing skills but may have great potential. The interview and resume will not provide the objective data required to make the best and most impactful hiring decision. All the interview and resume will tell the hiring team is that you have a good interviewer and the candidate was fortunate to have good summer employment experience while attending post-secondary school. Each student needs the opportunity to show your hiring team that they can do the job.

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We partner with companies to ensure they have access to the candidates who will be a right fit for the company and have the potential to succeed. This is done using our Hiring Simulation Assessment software. No longer will you only experience candidates in the interview setting you will be able to “Test Drive” them as if they are on the job today.

Let Grad Potential show you how you can start hiring great potential for your future leaders.

“I know so many of my friends who have such great potential but because they did not have the opportunity to have industry experience jobs in the summer or co-op they get passed over. I thought, if only clients could see these candidate in action and understand their ability to perform in the roles the company is hiring for……” – Kyle Bissett

Grad Potential

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Kyle works with all levels of organizations to assist in their hiring needs through the Hiring Simulation Assessment process. Kyle is a graduate of Guelph University. Before joining Hire Results Ltd Kyle worked with Young Life Canada.
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