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How to Hire Salespeople

how to hire salespeopleIt can be a challenge, but learning how to hire salespeople is one of the most important things a successful company will need to do. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if you never learn how to hire salespeople, you will never be able to live up to the goals you have for your company. But how do you hire the right sales representative? Very simple!

  1. Do not interview Sales People!
  2. Do not allow Sales Managers to spend time with your sales candidates in an interview!
  3. Do not allow sales candidates to tell you everything that is good about them!

Sound like radical advice! It is and it works!! We have proven it over the past nine years throughout North America. Hiring Decisions are key but only on the right candidates.

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The interview process– when considering how to hire salespeople (and making a job offer)  – is the most unreliable method of assessing a candidate. I don’t care if it is a behavioural interview or other interview methods. Sales candidates are just too good at selling themselves and sales managers are suckers for smooth talking sales people. This is a recipe for disaster and a costly one at that.

So, if you can’t interview candidates when trying to decide how to hire salespeople, what can you do to minimize the risk of a bad hire? When you want to hire a sales representative, there is a lot more to it then what most people think.

Even Venture Capital Firms Are Still Learning How To Hire Salespeople

Over the years Venture Capital firms have spent exhaustive amounts of time putting deals together that over time fall apart due to a common denominator – not knowing how to hire salespeople! When all is said and done the deal is only as good as the talent you have steering the ship.

This sounds so obvious and elementary but it happens time and time again. Acquisitions are done with so much of the focus being on the “deal” and not on the talent that will run the company once the “deal” is completed.

Venture Capital firms need to be able to Test Drive or see existing and future talent in key elements of the role before charging them with the responsibility of providing a solid financial return on the investment. Think what could be accomplished if venture capital teams could see key management, sales leaders or sales producers in action before they hired them. Get this right and the odds of success have greatly enhanced – get it wrong and say good-bye to the investor’s investment.

Take 3 minutes to watch this short video on how job simulation can dramatically increase their chance of solid financial returns by Test Driving key talent before they are hired or promoted. Follow this link to watch our video on “Why Job Simulation Works

Hiring Simulation Assessments allows sales managers to move away from the interview and into real life sales situations with candidates. By utilizing the Hire Results Ltd weighted scoring tool, the manager scores each candidate on competencies they have experience when the candidate is literally TEST DRIVEN on key performance factors of the job.

Try it – you will like it.

Test Drive Candidates

Let us show you how to see candidates in action before you hire them! Want to know more?
How to Hire Salespeople

By Craig Bissett Visit author's website

Craig Bissett is the President of Hire Results Ltd – the developers of the Hiring Simulation Assessment process. Allowing hiring teams to Test Drive candidates before they are hired.  Craig has been actively involved in the Human Capital marketplace since 1986. He has had roles as a General Manager and Partner with progressive Human Capital firms. In 2002 Craig left his partnership to start Hire Results Ltd. Since then the company has worked with organizations throughout North America through its innovative Hiring Simulation Assessment process. As the founder of Hire Results Ltd., I welcome the opportunity to assist and impact your organization through our Hiring Simulation Assessment process.
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