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Why Job Simulation Works

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Why Simulations Work when hiring!

Job Simulation has taken on different names. Assessment Centres, Job Assessments, “In-tray exercises”, Work Simulation, Hiring Simulation Assessments and job interview role-play have been used to describe the basic exercise of having candidates engaging in real life job activities to better understand how they will react and perform on the job BEFORE you hire them.

Don’t be fooled by how well a candidate interviews!

How often is your hiring team being fooled by candidates who were great in the interview but can’t execute on the job? Think of some of the key roles you want to hire for in your company. We know that 80% of the results of these jobs will come from 20% of the activities performed by the candidate.

What if we could allow the hiring team to experience a short list of candidates in these top four or five activities before making a hiring decision? A job simulation will accomplish this, and now your managers can start to see the true capability of the candidate on a strategic or tactical level.

My name is Craig Bissett and I want to welcome you to our hiring simulation assessment site. We founded the company Hire Results Limited in 2002 with a mandate to change the way organizations acquire excellent talent into their work environment. We’re all about making sure our clients hire for results, not interview skills.

Pilots are hired through Simulators – why not your candidates?

A good analogy to understand what we do would be the airline industry. Imagine hiring a pilot just because he or she looks and talks like a pilot, with the hiring team not knowing if a candidate can actually fly the plane. No one would feel comfortable on an airline knowing that a pilot was hired because they did well in the interview. For this reason the airline industry insists every candidate prove that they can fly a plane. They do this in a safe but realistic environment called a flight simulator.

That’s the airline business but what about your company? This is where a job simulation can be extremely useful. How often is your hiring team being fooled by candidates? It happens all the time and everyone loses. These types of hiring mistakes cost companies millions. And for the candidate, this could lead to the loss of a job, gaps in their resumes and the list goes on. Just like the airline industry, Hire Results Limited has proven but the use a job simulation in a hiring environment works!

Hiring Success rates dramatically increase through Simulations

Our hiring simulation assessment process can dramatically increase a chance of making quality hiring decisions. Think of our job simulation process as more like a test drive. This test drive allows hiring teams and candidates to engage with each other as if they’re actually working together before the hiring decision is made. The job simulation manager pulls together weighted scores and allows managers to see firsthand why they should be moving forward or saying no to a candidate.

Need your new hires to perform?

Make the right hire. Test Drive them now.

We’ve proven over the years that there’s no relationship between how a candidate performs in the interview and how they actually execute on the job. In many cases it is completely opposite. Some of your best interviews turn out to be average or below average performers. While some have your average interviewers turn out to be your stars.

Start seeing your candidates in action before making a hiring decision

Organizations need to move past the interview into experiencing candidate in real-life settings. Hire Results Limited has successfully worked with hundreds of organizations throughout North America helping reduce their hiring mistakes by providing a process for teams to experience candidates in action before making a hiring decision with our job simulation assessment process.

Our clients range from small businesses to multinational corporations. If your hiring needs are external candidates or promoting internal candidates to new roles within your company, we can help.

We’re able to provide different options to your hiring needs. From licensing our hiring simulation software in-house to outsourcing our hiring simulation process through our team. We would be pleased to talk to you about these options. Enjoy our site, read through our different pages and let us know how we can help you in your hiring needs.

Why Job Simulation Works