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Discovering the Real POTENTIAL in Graduating Students

The resume will not show employers who is the best graduate to hire!

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Discovering the Real POTENTIAL in Graduating Students

Toronto, Canada – November 19th, 2014 – Hire Results Ltd. announces a new service, Grad Potential for hiring graduating university / college students.   How do students show their Potential in an interview? Most graduating students don’t have the work experience and may not be very good in the interview but could be the company’s next great hire.

Grad Potential allows graduating students the opportunity to demonstrate their “real potential” to hiring managers in real life business settings – not just an interview and resume. Through the Grad Potential program a level playing field is created for all parties involved.

“Since 2002 Hire Results Ltd has shown clients that the interview and resume provide very little information about how a candidate will actually perform on the job” says Craig Bissett President of Hire Results Ltd – developers of the Grad Potential hiring process gradpotential.com.  “Try getting the hiring right with recent graduates. We have seen first-hand how some of my extremely talented graduates struggle to find relevant work because either they didn’t have good summer experience or they just didn’t come across well in the interview.”  Mr. Bissett has taken their successful Simulation Assessment process and re-engineered it to meet the needs of graduated classmate’s hiring dilemmas. “We have seen how the Hiring Simulation Assessment process has assisted organizations in hiring accurately over the years and realized that we could re-engineer this valuable hiring tool to assist graduates in displaying their true ability to execute in key elements of the role they are applying for”.

Grad Potential provides a way for talented recent Grads to demonstrate their capabilities to employers outside of the traditional interview setting. Hiring Managers now have a way of filtering out and experiencing firsthand the best candidate to hire based on their potential not past summer working experience.

 Contact Craig Bissett at craig@hiringsimulation.com , phone at 905-845-2002 (7304).

Discovering the Real POTENTIAL in Graduating Students

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Craig Bissett is the President of Hire Results Ltd – the developers of the Hiring Simulation Assessment process. Allowing hiring teams to Test Drive candidates before they are hired.  Craig has been actively involved in the Human Capital marketplace since 1986. He has had roles as a General Manager and Partner with progressive Human Capital firms. In 2002 Craig left his partnership to start Hire Results Ltd. Since then the company has worked with organizations throughout North America through its innovative Hiring Simulation Assessment process. As the founder of Hire Results Ltd., I welcome the opportunity to assist and impact your organization through our Hiring Simulation Assessment process.
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