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Test Drive Your Next Candidate


Welcome to the Hiring Simulation System! We make hiring exciting & profitable by TEST DRIVING candidates before the offer!

Hire Results Ltd’s Hiring Simulation Assessment™ web enabled system was created to reshape the way organizations select and hire key performers.  Our number one objective is to assist organizations in reducing the cost of hiring mistakes associated with the hiring process, through our innovative and proactive selection processes.

Go on the internet today and type into your search engine “how to win the interview”. You will be surprised to see the hundreds of thousands of programs available to candidates that will allow them to prepare to answer all the “interview questions” you present to them.  The candidate’s number one goal is to “Win the Interview”. In fact, a whole new coaching industry is thriving today by providing a service to coach your next candidate on how to WOW you in the meeting.

The traditional interview today needs one more added step to ensure you are hiring the candidate who is capable of executing in key elements of the job and prevent Interview mistakes. This next step is Hiring Simulation Assessments™ and Hire Results Ltd is positioned to assist you in making a logical hiring decision by simply seeing the candidates in action – as if they are presently working on the job today. With our web based Simulation Score Card, the hiring team is able to track how each candidate is executing in defined activities that are required to be successful on the job today.

Our web enabled Hiring Simulation Assessment™ tool is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering which requires no hardware or software installation for the user.  Users are typically trained and up and running within a few business days.

Since 2002, Hire Results has worked with companies of all sizes and across industries, helping them to make smart hiring decisions, as opposed to emotional ones, when hiring key individuals that will have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Allow us to show you how to TEST DRIVE your next key hires.

Test Drive Your Next Candidate