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Test Drive


When hiring your next graduate, experience a candidate’s potential in a real business setting… As if they are in the role today!

Hire Results Ltd.’s revolutionary Hiring Simulation Assessment™ web enabled system allows Hiring Managers to experience prospective team members performing key activities that are critical to success on the job before they are hired. It is like taking them for a Test Drive before hiring them.

Many managers will openly admit that they are not great at interviewing and judging a candidate’s ability to be successful on the job.  Hire Results Ltd. has recognized this issue and addressed it through the creation of the Hiring Simulation Assessment™ process, which allows managers to greatly enhance their traditional interviewing skills and enables them to observe and interact with candidates in real life business settings.  Through this hiring process, Hiring Managers receive greater insight into the candidates abilities to perform at the expected levels in key elements of the job. By Test Driving candidates managers are able to make logical business decisions regarding their hiring.

Why Pilots use Simulators for hiring – it makes sense!

To further clarify this Hiring Simulation™ process, assume for a moment that you are responsible for hiring Pilots at an airline. How would you go about assessing your candidates and their ability to fly your air planes?  It’s not enough to merely sit across a table from a potential Pilot and hear them tell you they can fly.  And it’s not enough to merely like the candidate, have a good “gut feeling” about him/her, or think they’d be a good fit.  As a responsible Hiring Manager and to ensure you protect your customers’ safety and your companies’ reputation, you would insist that each candidate spend time in a Flight Simulator, because what you really need to know is whether or not the candidate can actually execute (fly the plane) on the job.  And you need to know this before the job offer. There is simply too much riding on the decision.

Need your new hires to perform?

Make the right hire. Test Drive them!

Hire Results believes the same principle should apply when hiring key players on your team.  And while your candidates probably won’t be flying planes anytime soon, their ability to impact the bottom line of your business, for better or worse, is nonetheless significant. As such, it is crucial for Hiring Managers to gain an understanding of each candidate’s true ability to execute in the key areas of the position before a job offer is made.  Hire Results Ltd’s Hiring Simulation Assessment™ process allows hiring managers to experience the candidates as if they are already working for you, and ultimately make sure that your company is hiring top talent.  It truly is like taking a candidate for a TEST DRIVE.