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Why We Exist

sales2What does your family have to do with the Hiring Simulation Assessment process?

Hire Results Ltd opened its doors for business back in 2002 in Oakville with a true desire to make an impact within organizations through innovative Human Capital programs.

The team at Hire Results Ltd believes that the “Why” of what they do is just as important as “How” they run the business. The “WHY” of any company highlights the reason for existing and defines what motivates them.

For Hire Results Ltd – the “Why” forms the core of who we are as a company. Hire Results Ltd’s main goal is to be a positive contributor in building healthy family units. When we say Family Units we literally mean family units with parents and kids. This may sound strange coming from a Human Capital company so here is what we mean. We know that when someone (Mom, Dad, Son or Daughter) leaves their current job and takes a new one in a different company (or is promoted from within), there is always a risk that the new job may not turn out the way the candidate (or client) had expected. We also know that when the job does not work out, stress levels are increased in both parties. Each person (client and new hire) takes that stress home with them each night.  Think of someone taking the wrong job. Every night they go home with added stress that directly impacts the family unit. The last things families need today is more stress – specifically when it has to do with finances.

Need your new hires to perform?

Make the right hire. Test Drive them!

Families have enough stress at home – a negative job change can compound the stress!

Hire Results Ltd’s goal is to reduce the chance of adding this extra stress to families (specifically when it comes to evaluating or accepting a new job) by implementing a unique hiring process called Hiring Simulation Assessments where candidates and clients can ‘’TEST DRIVE’’ each other before a hiring decision is made. This process allows both the candidate and client to move onto a level playing field regarding assessing the role for both parties.

rsz_family1Over the years this hiring process has been compared to hiring practices used in the airline business. When hiring pilots, an airline would never allow a candidate to smooth talk the hiring team into thinking they can fly a plane simply by what they say in an interview. Imagine a pilot flying a full plane of passengers only on the merit of the interview they performed with the hiring team not knowing if they can actually fly a plane. Instead of taking the pilot at their word on what they said in the interview, the hiring team walks the candidate down the hall to the flight simulator and asks them to show the hiring team how they would fly the plane – in a safe but realistic environment. Their hiring process states, “it is too costly to make a mistake so don’t tell me what you can do, show me”. This only makes sense.

Our business idea came from observing how airline pilots are hired!

The Hire Results Ltd Hiring Simulation Assessment process follows the same philosophy of hiring airline pilots when hiring key employees within your firm. Since 2002 Hire Results Ltd has been assisting organizations by allowing them to move past the interview process and into engaging in real life simulations (as if the candidate is on the job today). Our client’s call it “going for a TEST DRIVE”.

One thing we have found to be true over the years is that there is no relationship to how a candidate performs in the interview and how they execute on the job. In many cases, the opposite is true! If this is the case, the interview process is flawed. With a flawed assessment or interview process, risk to the hiring process is added to both the candidate and management team. With added risk comes a higher chance of added stress to a family unit.

E013754Strategic hires such as Sales professionals, Vice Presidents and Presidents all can have significant impacts (positive or negative) on the organization. The cost is just too high to all parties involved to rely on a gut feel or a good interview.

In the past 11 years, we have worked with hundreds of firms throughout North America ranging from some of the largest life insurance firms to organizations with 10 employees. The size of the organization is not the issue, it is the need to get the hire right the first time.